Road Fund Administration

The in's and out's of Namibian Cross - Border Charges

Fees payable by foreign registered vehicles entering Namibia
The Road Fund Administration, established in 1999 (Act 18 of 1999) is authorized to impose road user charges (RUC) to secure sufficient funding to achieve and maintain a safe and economically efficient road sector in Namibia.

The principle of Cross-Border Charges (CBC) for entry fees is based on the recovery of infrastructure costs as provided for in the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communication and Meteorology, Proclamation No 24 of 29 September 1997. Whilst Namibian vehicles, in all classes pay license and registration fees, fuel levies, abnormal load fees and mass distance charges for the maintenance and construction of the country's roads, foreign registered vehicles are also expected to pay their fair share for the use of this infrastructure.

As from 1 April 2006, all heavy vehicles, local and foreign, using Namibian roads are obliged to pay CBC and Mass Distance Charges (MDC). MDC have been included in the CBC as an additional road user charge as the road surface consumption increases with the increase of vehicle mass. Only Type 4 - 17 vehicles pay MDC.

The CBC system includes the following categories of foreign registered vehicles:

  • Visiting privately owned vehicles, whether transporting goods or used for tourism purposes.
  • Vehicles imported into Namibia, both second hand and new (excluding vehicles loaded and intended for sale within Namibia.
  • Diplomatic vehicles registered in foreign countries (please note that this is not tax, but a fee for road use).
  • Foreign registered rental vehicles.
  • Vehicles belonging to foreign governments, except those entering Namibia for emergency purposes.
  • Any other registered vehicle forming part of a combination vehicle.

CBC's are structured as a flat fee payable each time a foreign registered vehicle enters Namibia. This fee consists of the CBC, MDC (Type 4 - 17), an administration fee and 15% VAT.

Different vehicle categories pay different CBC's. The CBC system is policed at the Namibian border posts and by traffic law enforcement officers within Namibia.

Iroko Investments act as agent for the RFA to manage CBC's at all the border posts.

Border post name Neighboring country
Ariamsvlei South Africa
Buitepos Botswana
Holweg South Africa
Katwitwi Angola
Klein Menasse South Africa
Muhembo Botswana
Ngoma Botswana
Noordoewer South Africa

Oshikango Angola
Ruacana Angola
Wenella Zambia

Click here to view a map of the CBC border posts.

Regular User Permits

Regular road users, who travel within 100 km of a specific border, may at the discretion of the RFA, qualify for a regular permit. Application forms for regular user permits are available from Iroko Investments at the CBC payment offices. These permits are for Type 2 vehicles and are valid for a period of 3 months.

The costs of the regular user permit is N$310.00. Cash payments can be effected in Namibian Dollars (N$) at all border posts or the designated payment offices at Aroab, Katima Mulilo and Windhoek.

RUC's ensure that all road users in Namibia benefit from a well maintained road infrastructure


Arriving at a Namibian border post when entering Namibia:

1) Determine the location of the nearest CBC payment office.
2) Complete and submit a written application form, obtainable from the Agent or designated payment office.
3) Present, in respect of every such foreign registered vehicle, its registration certificate or a police clearance certificate, a similar certificate or a certified copy thereof.
4) Pay the CBC for each such foreign registered vehicle under your control.
5) Collect a CBC certificate for each such foreign registered vehicle under your control.
6) Check that the information printed on the permit is correct before departing from the CBC payment office.

Stopping at a police / traffic check point:

Present each vehicle's CBC certificate collected at the border post or payment office. Failure to present such a CBC certificate may lead to the imposition of a fine set at a maximum of N$2,000.00. Payment of such fines however do not relieve the operator of a foreign registered vehicle from payment of the CBC.

When departing from Namibia:

1) Present the CBC certificate to the Agent or where applicable to the officials present at the border post, for cancellation; or
2) Mail the CBC certificate for cancellation to the Agent, where circumstances dictate.

Entry Fees and Travelling Distance Charges in relation to Foreign Motor Vehicles:

Note: the entry fee for a combination of vehicles is calculated by adding the sum of the entry fees for each vehicle in the combination that is subject to the payment of entry fees. The entry fee also includes an amount of N$44.00 as an administration fee, as well as 15% VAT.

Type Description (Petrol and Diesel Driven) Entry fee (N$)
Type 1 Motor cycles, motor tricycle and motor quadru-cycle, Caravans and light trailers drawn by type 2 vehicles 140.00
Type 2 Motor cars, S/C and D/C goods vehicles (bakkies), 2x4 and 4x4 goods vehicles (bakkies), minibuses (less than 25 passengers) 220.00

Type 3
Light goods vehicle/delivery vehicles (GVM <3500 kg) 460.00
Heavy vehicles : (single units)
Type 4 Bus with 2 axles (carrying capacity of 25 or more passengers) 520.00
Type 5 Bus with 3 axles (carrying capacity of 25 or more passengers) 660.00
Type 6 Single unit Truck with 2 axles 520.00
Type 7
Single unit Truck with 3 axles 660.00
Heavy vehicles : (Traction unit as part of a combination vehicle)
Type 8 Truck tractor with 2 axles 470.00
Type 9 Truck tractor with 3 axles 600.00
Type 10 Truck tractor with 4 or more axles 1,260.00
Heavy trailers as part of a combination vehicle
Type 11 Trailer with 1 axle 340.00
Type 12 Trailer with 2 axles 520.00
Type 13 Trailer with 3 axles 660.00
Type 14 Trailer with 4 axles 890.00
Type 15 Trailer with 5 or more axles 1080.00
Construction vehicles
Type 16 Tyre dozer, grader motor, front-end loaders, excavators, self-propelled vibratory rollers 1,830.00
Type 17 Any other vehicle not listed 350.00
Regular user permit


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