The Road Fund Administration has introduced a Career / Job Opportunity platform where we seek to establish a presence on the internet where we post vacancies  as and when they become available at the RFA. Interested potential candidates can visit the RFA website to view the latest jobs and apply to them, right here, online. It is that easy. To be able to use the system a potential job seeker must create an account and apply for any jobs listed on this platform. Follow guidelines below.


  • Start by Registering  & Activating your account(creating an account on the right hand side of this page)
  • Login in with your account details
  • Go to your CAREERS HOMEPAGE on the top menu.
  • Job seekers can apply for advertised jobs and then upload their Resumes online. The RFA will therefore keep a database of CVs submitted by applications.
  • Periodically log in and check to see what vacancies have been listed.

ALL FIRST TIME USERS - Add your resume first by following instructions below;

Click on My Resume icon myresume
Click Add Resume addresume



  • Document or CV attachment formats accepted are .pdf .jpeg .png .doc .txt
  • Maximum upload file size is 2mb (2 megabytes)
  • Maximum number of files allowed for upload 10

Job Seeker Login

Or Send your CV to

 Instruction Guideline for First Time Users - Click Here

Candidates Enquiries:

Ms. Lydia Mpinge

061- 433 3038


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