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The Road Fund Administration (RFA) was established by an Act of parliament, Act No. 18 of 1999 with the object of managing the Namibian road user charging system in such a manner as to secure and allocate sufficient funding for the achievement of a safe and economically efficient road sector.

Funding is allocated to mainly projects and programmes for the preservation and development of the national road network and major urban arterials; contributions towards the maintenance of urban roads; traffic information, law enforcement, adjudication and safety, and road research.

Latest News
The RFA donated of N$ 32 000.00 to the four Vocational Training Centres at the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) in April 2011. The CEO of the RFA, Mr Penda Kiiyala, who handed over the donation to CEO of the NTA, Ms Maria Nangolo-Rukoro, emphasised that the RFA's corporate social investment policy focuses on women, children and education. Because of this, the RFA wholeheartedly supports the promotion of training at the four centres of the Namibian NTA.

The centres that benefited are; Valombola Vocational Training Centre, Eenhana Vocational Training Centre, Southern Cross Capital Human and Community Skills and Omahaeke Rehabilitation centre, with each receiving N $ 8000.00.

Another donation of N$ 16600.00 was made to Diaz Primary School in Lüderitz. The funds will be used for the building of the road surface for the pre and lower primary learners’ road safety area.


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