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Road Fund Administration

The Road Fund Administration (RFA) was established on the 1st April 2000 by the Road Fund Administration Act (Act 18 of 1999), with the primary aim of managing the road user charging system, to secure and allocate sufficient funding for a safe and efficient road sector in Namibia.

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Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

Keen to make our mark in community development, we availed N$ 1.6 million to install three traffic lights in the northwest suburbs of Windhoek. The lights were installed at Otjomuise-Eveline/Claudius Kandovazu intersection, Otjomuise-Beijing/Shoveller intersections, and lastly, Otjomuise-Bonn/Kransswael intersection. The traffic lights are crucial to regulating traffic flow on busy intersections, thereby improving the lives of […]