About Us

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To be the global leader in sustainable road infrastructure funding and management, contributing to national development goals.

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To manage Namibia’s road user charging system to provide optimum funding for an equitable, safe
and economically efficient road sector, for the benefit of road users.

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Our Brand

To give all our customers an effortless and seamless
customer experience.

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Our Brand

We drive Namibia’s progress through funding road infrastructure maintenance that connects people and businesses, thus enabling economic growth.

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Roads carry an emotional resonance. They stir up
feelings of freedom, adventure and excitement. They represent progress, carrying us forward into the future.

Our logo was inspired by a bird’s eye view of roads, highways and intersections – creating an abstract shape that symbolises movement, progress and connection.

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‘Funding roads,
steering growth’

Our slogan reminds our stakeholders of what it is that we do and what value we offer as an organisation.

Our Core

The RFA core values [#SHINE] provide the framework which enables the RFA to execute its mission whilst driving towards its vision. These values govern the behaviour of employees both within the workplace and with all external stakeholders.

Core Values
Service ExcellenceWe embrace the highest possible performance standards to delight our stakeholders.
HonourWe account for our decision and actions as stewards of RFA.
iNovationWe pursue creative ways to deliver on our mandate.
IntegrityWe inspire trust through honesty, transparency and ethical dealings.
EmpowermentWe embrace diversity, equity and life-long learning. Therefore, we empower ourselves and the stakeholders that we serve.


Key Functions

Our key functions

  1. Manage the Road Fund.
  2. Impose Road User Charges (RUCs), determine the rates of those charges and collect those charges.
  3. Determine the manner in which the collected funding from Roads Authority and Approved Authorities will be allocated, in accordance with the RFA Act.
  4. Implement appropriate measures for the effective monitoring of compliance by the Roads Authority with the Procedures Agreement and Approved Authorities with the conditions under which they were granted funding.