October 2021

The RFA handed over, a brand new fleet of, 25 vehicles and traffic management equipment, valued at N$15 million, to the Namibian Police Traffic Law Enforcement Unit.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Mr Ali Ipinge, CEO of the RFA said that, RFA has a clear strategic intent and obligation to ensure that Namibian roads are safe and economically sustainable for all road users. The transport and road sector, in which RFA is a key enabler remains a key catalyst of Namibia’s economic recovery and growth. Our combined investment of over N$2.4 billion per annum in the road sector continues to yield positive returns for the economy and road users alike.

Whilst the core of our investment goes to the maintenance and rehabilitation of the national road network,  we remain committed to support traffic law enforcement initiatives and programs across the country. This support is channeled to Traffic Law Enforcement (TLE) agencies (of which Nampol is one) to build their capacity through the acquisition and deployment of traffic enforcement equipment, vehicles and traffic management systems.

Nampol is a key strategic partner, and when Nampol brought the state of their traffic law enforcement fleet to our attention, the RFA immediately reallocated resources to increase the funding commitment to the Namibian Police from N$8 million to N$15 million per annum. This was done inspite of the huge revenue challenges the RFA faced as a direct result of the covid-19 pandemic.   

Today, we are proud of the decisions made by the RFA and can celebrate this achievement with this handover. We see this as an investment into the lives of our precious road users, who continue to contribute to the Road Fund through vehicle registration fees, fuel levies, mass distance charges and abnormal load fees, despite many having lost their jobs and even more facing a myriad of financial and economic hardships. 

This investment increases Nampol traffic law enforcement fleet by 16% and ensures that there is a traffic vehicle for every 46 km of paved national road. This program will continue for the next three years under the new Procedures Agreement signed during the handing over ceremony. Therefore, Nampol will be allocated at least another N$15 million in the next financial year. For those that insist on driving like hooligans on our roads, your days are numbered. Very soon, the certainty of prosecution will make speeding a very costly exercise, said Ipinge.

In conclusion, Ipinge said, “To the Namibian Police, you have spoken, the RFA has listened and as of today your efforts have been rewarded with these additional vehicles. Certainly it goes without saying that RFA and broader public expect that these vehicles be kept in good condition and be used for its intended purpose at all times. Accordingly, the key objective is to ensure the national roads remain as safe as possible as enshrined in the RFA and RTT Act.” The RFA looks forward to positive engagements and collaboration with Nampol over the next three years.


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